Top 7 Reasons for Buying a Personal Comfort Bed

Personal Comfort is among the most preferred air mattress brands when it comes to quality. They’ve been in business since 1973 and provide their own brand of air mattresses. The company used unique and advanced technologies to ensure excellent performance for a long time. If you can’t make a decision whether it’s best to use this brand or not, let me help you.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 7 reasons to buy a Personal Comfort bed.

personal comfort bed

Lifetime warranty

All Personal Comfort mattresses are supplied with lifetime warranty in addition to a 36 months replacement guarantee. Therefore, when you are investing in such mattresses, you can be sure that you’re not getting a cheap and lower quality product.


The company use CertiPUR-US foam which is made with no ozone depletes, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead or other heavy metals so it is very easy on the environment. These beds also have a low VOC emission rate that is definitely essential to retain the indoor air quality.

Free trial

Most of the mattress manufacturers provide a limited trial, which is not enough to explore the potential issues with the product. But Personal Comfort Bed comes with a 120-night risk-free trial period, which allows you to try the bed for a significant period of time to decide whether it’s the appropriate bed to suit your needs.

Fast free shipping

Once you have purchased a Personal Comfort bed, the almost immediate thought is how you will take it to your home. Because of large size, you can’t bring it your home using a taxi or other small vehicles. However, when you purchase a Personal Comfort mattress, you don’t have to bother with this at all. The company will ship the mattress to your house within 7-10 business days.

Easy Upgrade Options

Personal Comfort beds are absolutely interchangeable and could be easily upgraded. As your air mattress becomes old, you’ll be able to replace your old layers with new ones. In this way, you can actually increase the longevity of your mattress. As you are not purchasing new ones, it will also be a cost-efficient solution for you.

Powerful Bed Controller

The medical grade controllers of Personal Comfort include a high quality touchscreen technology. This controller allows you to measure the pressure along with perfect accuracy. By customizing the available options, you can actually enjoy additional benefits such as enhanced blood circulation and far better quality sleep.

FDA Registered Manufacturer

And finally, if you’re still baffled about the brand, you must be confident because the owner of Personal Comfort is an FDA registered manufacturer. Which means you can rely on them to deliver excellent quality products.

With all of these good reasons, Personal Comfort mattress will definitely be the ideal choice for your money. However, if you would like to know more, read the in depth Personal Comfort Bed reviews. That will help you to make a better buying decision.


Finding Out the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

At first developed for a US govt. agency, memory foam is regarded as presently evident in lots of everyday objects. Most of us are undoubtedly operating different varieties of foam devices in our everyday life. As the component used to be higher in price historically, it happens to be a bit more affordable in recent times.

Elevated thickness composition of the suitable foam helps make it the most suitable ground for resting. These kinds of polyurethane foam mattresses give you a few contrasts from usual models. To successfully allow you to determine if a polyurethane foam bed mattress has always been right for you, we’ve created a list of the key benefits of these beddings.


Long Life

Visco foam is considered to be renowned for sticking around a lot longer in comparison to the usual bed mattresses. High-quality memory foams might last approximately 20 years based on the construction. In the present day, a large amount of suppliers feature 10 years of entire safety during their warranties.

Designed for Heat level Adjustments

Based upon all sorts of studies, body heat can impact the sleep standard. The memory foam bedding possesses a component which is often sensitive to temperature range. When heat level rises, this material lets the bed mattress to alter towards your heat as well as body weight. The bedding ends up being softer to ensure a high-quality relaxation.

These bed mattresses are undoubtedly besides that ready to keep warmth. This particular function guarantees increased comfort for added comfort and ease during the course of winter time. Then again, if you’ll be usually sizzling, consider a good bed containing conditioning feature.

Saves from Hypersensitivity

Determined by a variety of research, the average bed possesses a large amount of dust mites quickly after utilizing this for years. Nonetheless, various types of memory foam mattresses are generally constructed with a unique kind of polyurethane foam makeup. Because these beds are perhaps created from staple fibers, the product reduces hypersensitive dust mites away from staying in the bed. When compared to regular mattresses, Polyurethane foam’s compacted formula inhibits the buildup of substances as time passes.

Pain Eliminating Ease

Visco foam mattress provides you with benefits through process of lessening anguish, discomfort and consequently distress. This special mattress type similarly allows you to get well faster from accidents. This effect is really realized by component’s option to relocate tension from stages of agony. Spots in trouble own a little bit bigger heat as compared to the rest of the physical body. The bed mattress registers those variances. Thereafter, it molds towards the disparity by building or simply limiting amount of pressure into the part.

So that you can find regardless if the bed mattress will probably be good for you, you ought to look at the shortcomings too. Although many individuals are probably beautifully content with their solution, a bunch of reviews signify that this bedding is probably not suited to every individual.

The load associated with the bed mattress may be a regular objection. On account of the dense structure of that foam, these kinds of mattresses are often very heavier. A few persons have outlined that this is regarded as demanding to move their beds without any assistance.

Most of the usual the memory foam bed will probably be designed with a variety of chemical compounds and also petrol items. Some homeowners experienced a distinctive stench lasting for a number of days. These particular odors may well be worrisome for a bunch of everyday people. Still, various modern strains of mattresses are probably made whilst not having noxious things, which would be of help in taking care of this concern.

What is the Difference Between Mattress Topper and Pad

There are a variety of mattress toppers and mattress pads that people may use with their existing mattress. A mattress topper and a pad are both designed to cooperate with an existing mattress to enhance its ease and comfort as well as increase its existence. However a mattress pads and toppers are usually considered a similar thing, but they’re basically different. There are a number of toppers and pads made of completely different materials and also designed to fill very different needs.
Mattress topper VS mattress pad

Mattress Pads

A regular mattress pad is actually slim and quilted which made of washable materials with batting inside and providing a thin layer of extra ease and comfort with a little protection for the mattress.

The pad might attach to the mattress using elastic straps or it can be designed like a fitted bad sheet. The mattress pad shields the top of the mattress from general damage. An equipped sheet fits over the mattress pad as if the pad isn’t there.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is normally thicker when compared to a mattress pad which designed to provide extra firmness or softness for making sleep more comfortable. Thicker mattress pads transform the feel of the mattresses under them.

Latex or visco-elastic foam provides firmness to the feel of the mattress. Lower or down-alternative toppers come up with a firm mattress that feels softer. The thickness of the topper usually ascertains the quality of comfort. Any topper those less than 2 inches thick will not provide enough support.

Consumers who are thinking of a best memory foam mattress topper or mattress pad need to figure out what purpose it needs to fill. They must stop by stores that have various types on display for testing. Several trendy department stores promote mattress pads and toppers in their white goods section and also have put them on display mattresses.

In some instances, people can easily increase the life span of an existing mattress simply by using a topper, however if the mattress is worm or non-supportive, it’s not likely to provide sufficient cushioning to make a difference.

Things to Know Before Buying Your Mattress Topper (video)

There are a lot of things to know before buying your mattress topper. In this video the speaker gives you guidelines to choose the best mattress toppers.

In this video the speaker prefers these things to know before buying mattress topper-

  • Know about the manufacturer of your mattress topper. For mattress topper American mattress companies are the best.
  • Check your mattress topper density. Mattress topper of below 4lb is not suitable for sleep and mattress topper of more than 5 lb lasts longer than others.
  • Check the mattress size that is that the size that is said before selling
  • Is your mattress topper is of 100% memory foam?
  • Check the thickness of the foam, that is really important
  • Make sure that is your foam Toxic waste dump free. Otherwise it will prove bugging later.

Keep these things in your mind, because absence of any one of these can ruin your sleep.

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Finding The Best Mattress Pad For Your Bedroom

Choosing A Suitable Mattress

Definition of a mattress

When referring to a mattress one typically think off an rectangular object which are typically placed on top of some base system which are manufactured from wood and such an mattress are then supposed to provide the user with an sufficient level of comfort which will allow him to get the maximum benefit from any period of sleep. Such a mattress consists of a core system of springs which are able to support the body and which will effectively retain its original shape.

It should be sufficiently firm but not too firm

It should be rigid enough to support the bodily weight of the user which sleeps on such a mattress. If it yields too much it may have a negative impact upon the spinal condition of the user. On the other hand a bed which is too rigid and unyielding will likewise be extremely uncomfortable and will not produce the user with a comfortable sleeping experience. These are factors which have to be carefully considered by every person who sets out to purchase such a bed.


Choosing the proper quality

There are many manufacturers of beds who are known to sacrifice quality in order to significantly reduce the price of such a bed. The reality is that this is one area where any compromise will not benefit the physical health of the user since such a compromise will often cost the user significant more in medical costs and many people who sleep on improper beds often develop severe back problems which can be very painful and may require extensive surgical procedures.

Origin of the word mattress

This word were derived from the Arabic word matrah which means to throw something down and which therefore refers to a mat or a cushion. This word or popular usage filtered down into the European regions at the time of the Crusades and many of those Europeans adopted the Arabian method of sleeping on cushions on the floor. The word was eventually taken up into the English language by way of some of the most popular Roman languages of the time.

The use of a supporting base

Today it is not merely enough to have a well-designed mattress but the structure upon which such a mattress are placed are equally important and hence the use of a base which are placed underneath the mattress. There are many different kinds of bases which are in use today of which some are rigid and unyielding and then there are others that the more elastic in design. It has been determined that the flexible base could prolong the lifetime of your mattress.

Research will allow you to choose better

There is today an amazing quantity of excellent designs available in the market and there is only one way in which to make an informed decision about which unit will serve your purposes in the best way and that is to do meticulous research regarding every aspect which involves such a mattress. Both sufficient comfort levels and healthy posture should be some of the things which you should consider in order to ensure that you make a wise purchase.

Why Memory Foam Mattress Is Best?

If you want to buy a memory foam mattress you can watch this video. This video will help you in taking decision whether will you buy or not.

In this video, you will know the fact why memory foam mattress is best. The facts are-

  • Memory foam mattress confirms support while you sleep. It prevents sagging while you sleep.
  • It ensures conformability which means gap in support. It will give you best support while you sleep.
  • Firmness is an important feature of memory foam mattress. Select your preferable firmness for your mattress-soft, medium or hard.
  • Memory foam mattress ensures your mattress temperature sensitivity. It has good temperature sensitivity what all others mattress doesn’t have.
  • It has good density. You can choose your mattress with proper density. You should select mattress with 5.3lb-5.9lb. It will be the best. Because mattress which is lower than 5.3lb can’t support your back and beyond 5.9lb could be too dense allow to support.
  • Memory foam mattress is formed with 3.5 inches top layers what provide you the best comfort.
  • In combination with the best memory foam pillow, this mattress can ensure a good quality sleep
    for you.
  • Memory foam mattress is dust resistant. I.

In this video you will also know about the benefits of memory foam mattress. The benefits are-

  • Helps to get up without backache at morning
  • Helps to have 6-8 hours sound sleep
  • Helps to feel fresh without feel sleepy at day
  • Helps to move body joint without any pain

Mattress Topper for Sound Sleep

After a long hour of work, everyone wants to sleep to recharge himself for the next working day, If you want to have awesome, continuous and uninterrupted sleep at night you should try a memory foam mattress topper. You can get high quality rest from this. Its light weight and firmness will make you really feel pampered giving a large amount of comfort.


Memory mattress topper is developed differently. It is formed to give extra assistance to the mattress. Its foam is pretty light-weight and firm that is enough to supply firm and required assistance needed for the back. Some experts believe that you will get a sound sleep if you ever possess a mattress which could adjust for the shape of your physique.

Memory mattress is supposed to become elastic and perspiration absorbent. When you rest, the mattress becomes warmer because of your body temperature. This might possibly make it difficult to sleep as the bed become very warm. If you have a mattress topper on the mattress that will absorb the heat of one’s body.

It is also seen that while you twist and turn in your sleep, the foam of your bed changes its shape as well. However your body may be, heavy or light, the mattress supports your body unbelievably without any doubt. This proves that memory mattress topper is an ideal because it permits you to sleep greater by altering its shape.

Memory mattress topper don’t give you comfort only but also play a magical role in backaches and muscle pain. If you use a mattress topper with mattress, you will never feel back pain A mattress topper is important in protecting your mattress from damage and in extending mattresses life span. Toppers also help you in protecting your skin from irritants that can be found on your mattress like bed mites.