What is the Difference Between Mattress Topper and Pad

There are a variety of mattress toppers and mattress pads that people may use with their existing mattress. A mattress topper and a pad are both designed to cooperate with an existing mattress to enhance its ease and comfort as well as increase its existence. However a mattress pads and toppers are usually considered a similar thing, but they’re basically different. There are a number of toppers and pads made of completely different materials and also designed to fill very different needs.
Mattress topper VS mattress pad

Mattress Pads

A regular mattress pad is actually slim and quilted which made of washable materials with batting inside and providing a thin layer of extra ease and comfort with a little protection for the mattress.

The pad might attach to the mattress using elastic straps or it can be designed like a fitted bad sheet. The mattress pad shields the top of the mattress from general damage. An equipped sheet fits over the mattress pad as if the pad isn’t there.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is normally thicker when compared to a mattress pad which designed to provide extra firmness or softness for making sleep more comfortable. Thicker mattress pads transform the feel of the mattresses under them.

Latex or visco-elastic foam provides firmness to the feel of the mattress. Lower or down-alternative toppers come up with a firm mattress that feels softer. The thickness of the topper usually ascertains the quality of comfort. Any topper those less than 2 inches thick will not provide enough support.

Consumers who are thinking of a best memory foam mattress topper or mattress pad need to figure out what purpose it needs to fill. They must stop by stores that have various types on display for testing. Several trendy department stores promote mattress pads and toppers in their white goods section and also have put them on display mattresses.

In some instances, people can easily increase the life span of an existing mattress simply by using a topper, however if the mattress is worm or non-supportive, it’s not likely to provide sufficient cushioning to make a difference.


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